Life in the 21st century is revolving around advances in digital technology. Innovative technological products are changing the way we live, work, teach and learn. Add to that, the convergence of economies and culture brought about by global trade and social media. Consequently, the world has become extremely competitive and success would come only to ones who can keep pace with these changing times. Your school is also expected to deal with this global challenge and prepare our young citizens to compete and succeed.

What is MyNetSchool?

MyNetSchool is a 24x7 Digital Learning System that helps your school become a leader in “student-centric” education by transforming academic processes from “Teaching to Learning”.

MyNetSchool Digital Learning System (DLS) comprises the following:

  • Digital Content Library covering GSEB syllabus for classes 1 to 10 (Gujarati Medium)
  • Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • Formative Assessment Tools
  • Summative Assessment Tools
  • Digital Content Creation Tools
  • Individual User Accounts for Teachers and Students (Classroom and Computer Lab)
  • MyNetSchool@Home through MyNetSchool Cloud
  • Academic Performance Reports
  • Management Reports

MyNetSchool enables teachers to teach better, students to learn better, management to manage better and parents to become more involved in their children’s education.

Over 7000 schools and 20 lakh students across Gujarat actively use MyNetSchool products.

How does MyNetSchool Work?

MyNetSchool connects your classrooms, computer labs, staff rooms, teachers, students, parents and administrators in a holistic 24x7 Digital Learning System using your school’s information technology infrastructure and MyNetSchool Cloud.

@School: MyNetSchool is implemented on your school’s LAN infrastructure.

@Home: Teachers, students, parents and administrators get access to state-of-the art teaching, learning, communication and management resources by connecting to the MyNetSchool Cloud.